And two not-so-good health tidbits

(1) Obamacare signups are about 15% below last year’s level. This is undoubtedly due not only to the lack of publicity by the government but also the lack of attention to the issue by general media compared to last year. This could be tragic for many who fail to take action.

(2) The Apple Watch ECG feature is not available for those who are 22 and under nor is it available for Apple Watches before Series 4. No matter how wonderful a technology, it’s only useful if it’s widely used. Employers are beginning to provide subsidies or Apple Watches outright simply as a matter of good business, but it’s slow.

(3) Even Apple Watch Series 4 users may believe that their watch protects them from all heart risks. It doesn’t. The testing provides feedback only for atrial fibrillation. Altho that issue can be present for up to 9% of the population over 65, the watch testing has nothing to do with heart attacks or strokes.

However, my experience and that of my friends who use the Watch is that it’s been designed quite carefully to incentivize (actually the right word here, for once) users to exercise. You wouldn’t think completing goals appearing on your wrist would be a motivation but, believe me, it is.

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