Read with a Kindle or an iPad?

This is a nicely comprehensive discussion (with lists of key factors) showing potential purchasers whether they're likely to be more happy with reading ebooks on a Kindle or an iPad. Personally, I often read for hours at a time and those books might contain a map at the front but are rarely otherwise illustrated. The … Continue reading Read with a Kindle or an iPad?

Cookie baking tips – try these

The cookie freezing trick you should know before baking another batchBy Jorie Mark/Nov. 23, 2020 4:24 pm EST Unless you have iron-clad self control, how do you walk away from an afternoon of cookie baking without feeling like quite the cookie monster? First, you licked the spoon. Then, once those cookies emerged from the oven, … Continue reading Cookie baking tips – try these

Mashed potato pancakes

I truly don't wish to use any precious calories on any holiday to eat mashed potatoes, even with good gravy. But the days after that .... Mashed potato pancakes are simply yummy. Am giving you two different versions. The first is for experienced but casual cooks who have a bowl of cold mashed potatoes in … Continue reading Mashed potato pancakes

A guide to quarantining after traveling out of state

Even tho this is written for California's quarantine rules, all states have added new COVID travel restrictions. Look up the rules in your state -- or simply use these which should satisfy all states' requirements. A short guide to quarantining after holiday travel By Jessica Roy Nov. 27, 20207 AM If you traveled over the … Continue reading A guide to quarantining after traveling out of state

Review of Christmas Chronicles 2`

If you need something lightweight but fun, here's an option. Netflix Just Dropped ‘The Christmas Chronicles 2’ & Here’s My Honest Review By Greta Heggeness | Nov. 25, 2020 *Warning: Minor spoilers ahead* Netflix just dropped the highly anticipated movie The Christmas Chronicles 2, which stars Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn as Mr. and Mrs. … Continue reading Review of Christmas Chronicles 2`

Best password managers

FWIW, I use SplashID. Best Password Managers That You Need to Start Using By Ankush Das, on 11/23/2020 09:27 PST If you are someone who has several online accounts, you need a password manager to ensure the best security. Of course, if you just have a couple of accounts, you can memorize or write … Continue reading Best password managers

Wildlife overpasses work — let’s build more Cameras Show Utah's I-80 Wildlife Overpass Is Working. Now Let's Build More of Them Great photos proving that all shapes and sizes of critters use the overpass if you click thru to the article. More animals in the wild and fewer collisions with motorists. Sounds like a win-win. By Jerry Perez November 24, … Continue reading Wildlife overpasses work — let’s build more