Two pieces of good news about health

(1) Many people who have faced serious health problems survive but with huge unpaid bills. This article describes R.I.P. Medical Debt, a debt-forgiveness charity designed to remove that load. It’s one of the few beneficial uses I’ve seen of aggregating financial instruments for sale to individuals.  Buyers can leverage each dollar paid for this debt into a tremendous benefit for the families with health care bills.  The ratio is extraordinary. Two women raised $12.500 and wiped out $1.5 million owed by 1,300 state residents. How cool is that?

(2) With the Apple Watch 5.1.2. software update on December 7th, users of the Series 4 can now test themselves for life=threatening atrial fibrillation in about 30 seconds. What I find impressive about this is that emergency room staff are finding that warnings given by the Apple Watch are borne out by the tests they conduct when a watch user pays attention to the warnings. This could be a huge lifesaver and at least one person has already been saved from a very serious risk.

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