Find a screen showing “Julia” and go

I rarely wholeheartedly recommend any movie. “Julia” is an exception.

I just returned from seeing “Julia.” Altho it’s nominally a documentary, this movie will please and satisfy you if you enjoy any of the following: cooking, food, a story of love and support, encouragement of tenacity, a love of France, friendships, the change of PBS from a backwater to an important force for culture and education, seeing a woman who is fearless but encouraging, and pure love of life.

This film is produced by Ron Howard and Brian Glazer (always means quality) but is directed by Julie Cohen and Betsy West, the same people as the pair who made the marvelously vibrant “RBG” about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. That documentary was terrific but it tended to draw those interested in the law.

This movie is for Everyone. I knew a lot about Julia Child from having watched her shows from the beginning, bought her cookbooks, read her own memoirs, and those by others. I also watched food quality and variety change exponentially. I even managed to catch her during two of her roadshows. But this presented new details to me with film clips of the times that I’d never seen before.

Even in NYC, where almost any film can find a place to be shown, this movie is at the AMC Lincoln Plaza only for two mid-afternoon showings even tho freshly released on November 12th. The distributors may doubt there’s an audience.

I’m asking you to change your plans, go to “Julia,” and get your friends to go now. This is a gem. The audience clapped at the end.

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