How do you enroll in the Kindle challenge?

How do you get invited to the Kindle Challenge?

January 12, 2021 By Michael Kozlowski

Kindle Challenge is a new reward system that Amazon launched a couple of weeks ago. It allows you to earn badges, meeting different reading goals or purchasing ebooks. Amazon is doing some AB testing, some people are earning $5 ebook credit, by getting three different badges, while others just have fun, meeting their goals.

Amazon Kindle Challenge is only available for US residents. It is invite only, so make sure to check the email address on your Amazon account, to make sure it is up to date and not invalid. If you use a throwaway email address to register for things, make sure you check that too. Alternatively, log-in to the Kindle profile page to determine eligibility. In February, Amazon will send out a new wave of invites via email or the Kindle Profile Page, they are looking to slowly expand the system, by adding new members every single month.

How does Kindle Challenge work? Every month the criteria you have to meet to earn new badges will change. The January badges are fairly easy to attain. You can do things like read a single book, purchase an ebook from Amazon, follow an author, set a reading goal, read the first book in a series or subscribe to Kindle  Unlimited. To earn badges, you don’t need to have a Kindle e-reader,  but you can do it on the Kindle app for Android or iOS or Kindle Cloud Reader.

The essence of Kindle Challenge is to gamify reading and introduce people to various Kindle programs or systems, that they might not be aware of. I believe Amazon is expanding on the award system that Kobo introduced almost a decade ago, but seemed to have abandoned. They have not added any new badges in six years and have no rewards for meeting all your goals. At least Amazon is keeping things fresh, and offering ebook credit.

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