Mourning the end of the daily Governor Cuomo press conference

Today is the last of Governor Cuomo’s daily press conferences. Altho I understand the many reasons he’s changing their frequency to as needed, I will miss his daily reality check.

As a member of the vulnerable group tho, I’ll be particularly sorry to lose his daily reminder that masks should be worn at all times. Cuomo is one of the few public voices with credibility these days. I took an emergency (all is ok now) trip from my apt Tuesday — the first time I’ve been off that floor of my building since March 10th. It’s been a round of apt, trash chute, and laps of the hallway after midnight. Even my mail, groceries, and packages have been brought up so I could avoid chancing a shared elevator.

But this venture took me to another less-compliant part of Manhattan where I would estimate the appropriate mask usage at 50% or less. Most hadn’t covered their noses but many weren’t even wearing them around their necks. People who do that bear the responsibility of possibly killing the person walking by — like me. It was unnerving, if not actually frightening.

Nobody else who people believe has been as forceful on the mask wearing point as Governor Cuomo. His daily reminder made a difference. I will miss it.

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