Get rid of your Stuff (in the U.S.)

It’s just possible that you’ve thinned some of your Stuff while you’ve been home but feel uncomfortable about throwing whatever into the trash. If you think it’s something someone will love, you don’t need to match the owner to the item. Just find an empty box, fill it, and use this link:

You can then put the box outside to be picked up by the mailman. (The software may even include a link to request a pickup). You don’t need to weigh the box. You don’t need to go to the post office. You don’t need to figure out who to send it to. If it’s something of value, you can get a tax receipt once it’s received. A win-win-win.

Since the recipient charitable entity pays the postage, I do think it’s kind to fill the box with reusable or resellable items. This is not a way to dispose of your trash. 

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