Collected URLs on the new Apple card for those who like to read up

I’m not going to go thru all the pros and cons here.  Here’s my bottom line opinion — if you already use Apple Pay, apply for the Apple Card in your Wallet. The 2% cash back justifies it (even compared to the Amazon Prime Card) and the financial management features are fun. Don’t bother ordering the titanium card as it’s a nuisance to store and you probably already have another credit card in your wallet with a 1% or more cash back feature.

Any other information you need is in one or more of these articles. Just remember you apply in Wallet which means you can get an Apple Card only if you have an iPhone.

(1) Initial expectations:

(2) Tips and tricks — nuts and bolts — quasi-reviews:

(3) Safety measures:

(a) How to lock your physical card with the Wallet app for safety:
(b) How to handle not having your iPhone (good news — you won’t be completely cut off):

(c) Opting out of forced arbitration as soon as you have your Apple card:

(d) Store titanium card away from leather, denim, and other credit cards

(4) How does the Apple Card pay off for Apple, for Goldman Sachs, and compared to its primary competitor (for now) — Chase’s Amazon Prime Visa:

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