US kills more people with guns per capita than any country that’s not at war

There is something truly sick about this beloved country of mine that the rights of gun owners are valued more than the rights of other people, even children, to live. It took New Zealand ONE mass shooting to decide to take care of the problem for the future. What’s wrong with us?

MARCH 20, 2019 / 10:21 PM / UPDATED 21 HOURS AGO

New Zealand bans semi-automatic and assault rifles after mass shooting

FILE PHOTO: Firearms are displayed at Gun City gunshop in Christchurch, New Zealand, March 19, 2019. REUTERS/Jorge Silva/File Photo

WELLINGTON (Reuters) – New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Thursday that military style semi-automatics and assault rifles will be banned under stronger new gun laws following the killing of 50 people in the country’s worst mass shooting.

Ardern said she expects the new law to be in place by April 11 and buy-back scheme will be established for banned weapons.

“Now, six days after this attack, we are announcing a ban on all military style semi-automatics (MSSA) and assault rifles in New Zealand,” Ardern said.

“Related parts used to convert these guns into MSSAs are also being banned, along with all high-capacity magazines.”

Reporting by Praveen Menon; Editing by Michael Perry

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