Here’s the other easy solution for robocalls

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Telemarketers and scammers are inundating our cell-phones with robo-calls and it’s getting worse. Many robo-calls come from overseas.

Operators use technology that clones legitimate numbers, to trick you into thinking the call is coming from someone you know.

Experts say the number one tip to stop getting more calls is actually quite simple – don’t pick up the phone.

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“What we tell people is if you don’t recognize the phone number, don’t answer it because when you answer a call you start engaging with somebody, don’t press one to connect to an agent. As soon as you do that you’re going to start receiving a lot more scam calls” said Gavin Macomber, senior vice president of First Orion.

Last week, T-Mobile started offering a “caller verified” service.

It’s a new technology that allows the service provider to check the source of the call before sending it through to your phone.

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