Time to update the software on your Apple devices

A major, but largely unsung, benefit of living in the Apple universe is that Apple products are designed to operate using the same menus, the same gestures, the same logic. Makes life much easier for those of us who don’t want to fiddle with the software — they just want something that works. One pattern that makes this scenario work is that Apple users regularly update their software, often automatically, so that they are ensure the latest security updates and more.

Altho I don’t have the latest figures, over 70% of Apple device users are on the most recent software. In the Android universe, the ability to customize is much valued, but the consequences is fragmentation and the likelihood that one Android device will not operate in the same manner as another. It’s all a matter of choice. Be in the safety of the Apple garden or live in the more flexible, but more Wild West, world of Android.

Of course I acknowledge that not all of Apple’s software is glitch-free. In fact, some of it has been so ghastly that it’s bricked devices. Nonetheless, in general, it’s prudent to keep your devices up to date. So here’s the reminder that new version have come out and it’s time to take steps:


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