Should I buy A Kindle if I currently read eBooks on an iPad or other tablet?

Q: Should I buy a Kindle on-sale if I read ebooks now on my iPad?
A: Advantages of using a Kindle rather than an iDevice: 
1) healthier night lighting for less interference with getting to sleep easily
2) no distractions from other things happening on the device
3) much lighter than regular or mini iPad and can easily be used one-handed
4) allows you to use collections to organize your books to find the one you want to read next (if you have a larger library)
5) can be read in sunlight, unlike the iPhone or iPad where glare makes it impossible even if your screen’s smudges have just been removed
6) unlike an iPad, you aren’t taking the rest of your life with you (security and privacy issues) in case something dire happens
1) another device to carry with you (if you generally carry your iPad with you)
2) one color scheme (even if it’s easier on your eyes than the iPad)
3) a one purpose device. 
I do have an iPad Mini Retina Display that I very rarely use because my iPhone 7 Plus can do everything it does much more conveniently, except play long videos for which I want a larger screen. I don’t even take my iPad on vacations to minimize the risk of sky-high international access fees. For me, it’s always been a question of whether or not I should use and carry a Kindle rather than using the Kindle app on my iPhone. The decision is always easy. I do have a few ebook apps on my iPhone that have formats that can’t be loaded onto the Kindle, e.g., Bookshout, but I use them only when I must.
It’s truly a matter of personal preference. For me, with my huge Kindle library, not carrying an iPad, and frequently reading just before sleeping (not good on an iDevice), it’s a no-brainer. I’ve also left my Kindle behind twice (on a plane and at a concert) and not had to freak because of my life also being on it.

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