For a thriller, try Mark Dawson’s John Milton series in the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program

I’ve been told by friends they can’t find anything to read under Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. Let me make it very simple. If you like thrillers, start with the John Milton series by Mark Dawson. The hero is a former government-authorized assassin who has left that job and also is managing his alcoholism with Alcoholics Anonymous. The structure of that program provides him assistance with pulling his life together as he uses his talents from previous days to help people. They’re wonderful page-turners. There are several associated series, but this is where you start. Skip the book “1000 Yards” which is a less interesting prequel.

Here are the names of the books in reading order:

(1) The Cleaner

(2) Saint Death

(3) The Driver

(4) Ghosts

(5) The Sword of God

(6) Salvation Row

(7) Headhunters

(8) The Ninth Step

(9) The Jungle

(10) Blackout

(11) The Alamo

(12) Redeemer


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