Ways to protect your Kindle Oasis 2 (2017)

Sent this email in May 2018 but all the information is still valid. Have added a note at the end.

(1) First is a decal from decalgirl.com. It’s not like the old-fashioned decals but rather more like a plastic label that easily peels off the backing and places onto the Oasis. I like it primarily because it displaces the metallic look and feel, plus is nicer in the hand than the metal. Also has the advantage of being decorative.
(2) Second is a light-weight, hardcover of the Fintie style. That means the Oasis turns on automatically when you open the cover. This is very protective but very light. Great for avoiding weight and bulk. They also come in fun designs. Here’s one I like:

(3) Third is my Oberon Design tooled leather cover. It’s the heaviest of the lot being of a heritage weight but beautifully designed. The Oasis is held with elastic corners and turns on automatically when the front is opened. Unlike the cover for the Paperwhite, there is no place for putting an obvious business card, altho there’s a pocket where a few papers and a card can be stored. The bungie cord on the outside holds the Kindle securely if dropped. Best of all, it’s gorgeous.

I have an additional OD cover from an earlier generation but it doesn’t fit snugly so isn’t usable (from my perspective), no matter how handsome.
(4) Fourth is a felt and leather sleeve that I bought from an Etsy seller. I’m quite fond its soft feel, its protection of the Oasis in my purse with no chance of items coming in from the edges as with the OD cover. Its primary disadvantage is that I’m reading the decal-covered Oasis on its own. That often means that I wind up holding the thin side, which is not as comfortable as the side with the controls. I think I could train myself to use the more comfortable edge. Also, you need to turn on the Kindle again any time you let it sit — no automatical feature to this. This link is https://www.etsy.com/transaction/1438564935

I already had something leather or might have jumped on one of the leather sleeves chosen by my sister from lederbazi, also on Etsy:
(5) I shouldn’t mention the fifth, as it’s no longer for sale, but it’s my primary cover when at home. Amazon offered a 3/4 magnetically attached waterproof cover (full on the front, half on the back) when the 2017 Oasis first went on sale. It’s wonderful for protecting the screen but — as people complained — it’s not meant for drop protection or for protecting your Oasis in your purse or while traveling. I love it at home though as it’s practically not there weight-wise and folds back to add just a bit of depth to the thin side. I can’t say it’s worth what one costs on the used market, but I’m glad I have it.

NOTE: This particular product is gone, but Ayotu offers stunning designs in this same 3/4 coverage format. Check out https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B079DP5Y63/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_2?ie=UTF8&smid=A3FJARZVW8GWXH&th=1

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