Every blog needs a first post — This email is me in story telling mode

An email I sent on August 10, 2018, to friends who also use Kindles:

As my friends and family already know, I can turn almost anything into a story. This one has no importance at all, but it’s kind of a fun progression.

I have an Amazon Kindle Voyage from 2014 and a Kindle Oasis 2 that I bought when it first came out last year. Since taking a long flight with no reading material but a Kindle that went on the fritz 30 minutes into the trip, I *always* have two Kindles. I much prefer the Oasis but it was pricey then and never goes on sale.
I bought the Oasis in the graphite color. A champagne gold has become available since that’s pretty, rather than flashy, and available only in the 32GB, wifi model. With the size of my Kindle library and using it sometimes to read audiobooks, I need the larger RAM but not cellular.
But buying from Apple for many years has taught me to keep an eye out not only for sales but also offers of refurbished items. So I wander over periodically to the page for the gold Oasis. Noticed that a refurbished one was on offer so clicked thru. The page where I landed had a photo of the gold version which sells new for $279 and showed a refurbished price of $229 marked down to $209. Now that’s barely above the price for a new Voyage. Very tempting, particularly in the gold that would be nice to have.
So I click to have it shipped. Can always change my mind but they show only one on hand, and $70 off is amazing since refurbished carries the same warranty as new.
It arrives. I open it. It’s graphite. I wanted and thought I was ordering, the gold so I call Amazon. After many calls by them to the technical staff, the sales staff, and who knows who, they determine that the customer cannot choose which color of refurbished device they receive nor can customer service designate the color of a replacement. I object noting that the only photo was of the gold. We look back at the refurbished page. Lo and behold. The regular refurbished price is now $239 and the sales reduction is gone. The gold picture is still featured at the top but there are pictures of both colors of Oasis further down. Hmmm.
So now what? Frankly, all hardware eventually dies and a spare Oasis for $209 is a steal, even in graphite. So I contact DecalGirl for a different design and begin loading the new device. If I ever, ever see that again, I’ll let you know but I still have no idea why that pricing was there. Learned a little along the way. A typical long-winded Ann story.
[Afterword: I’ve checked the Amazon website periodically since writing this. I’ve not seen even on offer of a single refurbished 32GB wifi Kindle Oasis 2 (2017) at any price. Since the one I kept is doing fine, and I paid a bargain price, I made the right decision to keep the one I got, graphite or not.]

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