As usual with Apple products, its Apple Watch customer satisfaction far higher than competitors

Apple Watch soars above the rest of the smartwatch crowd with high customer satisfaction

Andrew Orr | Apr 26, 2023

According to a recent consumer poll, Apple has the highest level of “stickiness” among smartwatch brands, and almost 80% of iPhone owners have one.

Today’s release of new research by Counterpoint Research emphasizes the success of the Apple Watch. According to the study, an Apple Watch is used by approximately 80% of iPhone owners who wear a smartwatch. In comparison, 71% of Android users who buy a smartwatch also own a Pixel Watch, making them more devoted to the Pixel Watch.

The survey lists the top smartwatch features, as rated by users, including messaging and calling, health and activity tracking, and notification access. While younger users prefer notification and messaging services, older wristwatch owners emphasize health more.

More than 70% of consumers are “very satisfied” with their Apple Watch thanks to these features, according to Apple. Eighty-two percent of respondents said they wear their Apple Watch every day.

“Our consumer research survey supports a general premise of ours – consumers generally purchase their devices as part of a broader ecosystem of devices and operating systems,” said Research Analyst Matthew Orf. “Apple and iOS dominate the US smartphone market, and iPhone users are more likely to adopt other Apple products due to their superior interoperability.”

According to Counterpoint’s poll, 59% of participants bought their smartwatch during the last year, 50% indicated they planned to buy a new model within the following year, and 16% said they intended to upgrade within the next two years. As for their future wristwatch, 77% of respondents said they plan to get an Apple Watch.

“The share of respondents willing to pay $500 or more for their next smartwatch was double the share of those who stated they spent $500 or more on their current smartwatch, suggesting rising ASPs for the segment,” the report concludes.

 Andrew Orr

Andrew is a writer and commentator who has been sharing his insights on technology since 2015. He has authored numerous online articles covering a range of topics including Apple, privacy, and security. Andrew joined AppleInsider in 2022 as a Contributing Writer covering news, tips, and reviews.

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