Where can a visitor leave their luggage while visiting NYC?

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Where Can You Leave Your Luggage In New York City? A Helpful Guide



Here’s a helpful guide about where travelers can leave luggage while touring what is currently the most expensive city in the world New York City!

The bright city lights of Times Square in New York City at night

Whether one wants to explore Central Park like a localvisit the Met Museum, or enjoy a close-up look at the Statue of Liberty and its fascinating history, the Big Apple has an impressive number of attractions that will cater to any taste, whether sensible or whimsical. Often, though, touring New York City can involve a lot of walking and moving around to the extent that visitors may need a place to leave their luggage for several hours in order to move around freely. Make no mistake. New York City is massive, and it can get even more overwhelming, especially when looking for somewhere to ditch the bags for a while.

According to Statista, the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metro region claims the title as the largest urban area in physical size, sprawling out over 4,669 square miles. So, where does one leave their bags in this vast expanse of concrete jungle? Here’s a helpful guide regarding where one can leave their luggage while touring, what is right now, the number one spot on the list of the most expensive cities in the world.

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The Top Luggage Storage Options In New York City

Manhattanhenge on Times Square in New York City at sunset

There are quite a number of options when it comes to storing luggage in New York City. One of the most convenient (and trendy) options is the luggage storage companies now commonplace across the big cities in the U.S. and Europe. Three of the most popular luggage storage companies one may want to consider using in New York City include BounceLuggagehero, and Schwartz.

Bounce, for starters, is a Francisco-based luggage storage company with more than 300 locations in New York City alone. Bounce styles itself as the largest luggage storage company in the U.S., which, looking at the numbers, could very well be true. The company has partnered with local businesses in New York City to max out on luggage storage spots.

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A person carrying luggage

Of course, one can easily find Bounce and its NYC luggage storage locations on the internet and reserve a space with a click of the mouse. However, having the Bounce storage app on the phone, which is available on the Google Play Store (and in the App Store), provides a more crisp and convenient experience.

Plus, the process is easy peasy. All one will need to do is open the app and explore the interactive city map to select a convenient luggage storage location. After completing the booking, the next step is to head to the location, drop off the luggage, and go explore New York City, which, for its Dutch presence, was once called “New Amsterdam.”

  • How Much Does Bounce Charge For Luggage Storage In New York City? Bounce charges $5.90 per day per bag.

Other Luggage Storage Companies In New York City

Aside from Bounce, there are other popular luggage storage companies and locations one will want to consider in New York City, whether staying for one day or ten days in the Big Apple. One of these is Schwartz Luggage StorageSchwartz is particularly different from Bounce because it mainly provides walk-in services as opposed to Bounce, where one may have to pre-book through the app or website.

Then again, Schwartz styles itself as the only ground-floor luggage storage in the Big Apple. Located near Penn Station, Schwartz charges between $5 and $10 per luggage per day. Another advantage of Schwartz is that one can leave their luggage for a relatively more extended period of time. Storage times don’t depend on the business hours of a particular location.

  • What Is The Address Of Schwartz? Schwartz is located at 357 West 37th St. between 8th and 9th Ave.

A bridge over the stream flowing through Central Park in New York City

And then there’s Luggagehero, which styles itself as the only luggage storage service that offers a choice of hourly or daily rates. Needless to say, this will appeal to those who just want to leave their luggage for a couple of minutes or a few hours. Plus, just like BounceLuggagehero is app-based.

Other app-based options include Vertoe ($5.95 /day/per item), Radical Storage ($5.90 per day/per item), and Nanny Bag ($6/day/per item). And for those who don’t want to carry luggage for as little as a meter out of the hotel room, My Bag Check is arguably New York City’s only option of a service that will pick up luggage from wherever one is.

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Other Luggage Storage Solutions In New York City

A person carrying a bag

There’s always the old, traditional way of just checking with the particular hotel one is staying in and asking the reception if they would be kind enough to keep one’s luggage for a couple of hours. Finally, there’s the option of trying the many museums and galleries in New York City. Of course, not all museums will accept to do this, and the ones that do often have security checkpoints and may not allow large bags or suitcases.

Regardless of what one will prefer, it’s possible to tour New York City without having to pull a heavy suitcase along busy streets and avenues. Just use any of these luggage storage companies in NYC as a starting point.

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