Remember the game “Myst”? It’s coming back to an A12 machine near you [click thru for the tweets in the article]

‘Myst’ is coming to iPhones and iPads with A12 bionic chips and newer

Saturday, February 4, 2023 10:51 am

In celebration of Myst’s 30th anniversary, “Myst Mobile,” a fully 3D version of “Myst,” is coming to iPhones and iPads with A12 bionic chips and newer.

Myst Mobile screenshot (Image: )
Myst Mobile screenshot (Image: Kris Wingfield-Bennett via Twitter)

From @cyanworlds, Myst Mobile, the mobile port of their legendary game Myst, is coming to iOS 📱

Visit the intriguing Myst Island, stunning and mysterious in equal measure, where a story of ruthless betrayal awaits

MacDailyNews Note: Release date TBA.

“The title is a port of the 2021 remastered original, which has been available to play on PC and Oculus headsets,” AppleInsider reports. “Myst Mobile will be available to download for free, allowing players to explore the game’s first location without restriction. To unlock the rest of the game, it will cost $14.99.”

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