7 new iPhone tricks added by latest upgrade



People are realizing Apple quietly upgraded your iPhone with 7 life-changing secrets – you don’t want to ignore them

THERE’S a host of new iOS tricks that will revamp your iPhone experience.

Historically, with every iPhone upgrade, Apple drops handy features that users eventually catch onto.

The iOS 16 upgrade has some lesser-known tricks that users are loving
The iOS 16 upgrade has some lesser-known tricks that users are lovingCredit: apple

But iOS 16 – Apple’s latest software upgrade – has been around for almost half a year, and users are only just realizing these life-saving tricks.

So, waste no more time with these seven little-known software gems, announced by Apple.

1. View and share saved Wi-Fi passwords 

For a while now, Apple allows users to share passwords by placing devices near each other.

But now you can store passwords for your own records, or to share with an Android user.

Open Wi-Fi in the Settings app, and tap the small information icon besides the network.

Tap the “Password” section view the network password, and then use Face ID or enter your passcode to view it.

2. Password protection for Hidden and Recently Deleted albums

You can now lock the Hidden album on your phone, so private images actually stay private.

Simply launch the Photos app and go to the Albums tab at the bottom of the screen.

Scroll down to see the Hidden and Recently Deleted albums, with a small lock next to it.

You’ll need to use Face ID or your passcode to access the contents of those albums.

3. Copy and paste photo and video edits

Open photo that’s been edited within your Photos app.

Tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner and then select Copy Edits.

Lastly, open the photo you want to copy these edits on to; tap the three-dot menu and then hit Paste Edits.

4. Haptic feedback for your keyboard

“Haptic” keyboard simply means that every time you type a key, the phone will vibrate slightly.

If this is for you, go to: Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback and turn on Haptic.

5. Pin your favorite tabs in Safari

Open Safari, and tap and hold down on an open tab. You’ll be presented with the option to Pin Tab.

This will permanently pin the tab to the top of Safari, where it will exist as a tiny tab preview. Simply tap it to view.

6. Face ID works even when lying down

Good news for sloth-like iPhone fans who prefer to stay horizontal.

You can now finally use Face ID to unlock your iPhone when it’s in landscape orientation, such as when you’re lying on your side.

There’s no setting you need to enable for this, you simply must have an iPhone 13 or 14 running iOS 16. 

7. You can now remove even more preinstalled Apple apps  

Apple has a tendency to tell us what we need on our phones – to the dismay of many users looking to free up memory.

But since iOS 10, we’ve been able to opt-out of miscellaneous apps like Stocks, Maps and Calculator.

But with the launch of iOS 16, you can now add Find My iPhone, Clock and Health.

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