Here are the steps to not get hacked on Facebook

Want to avoid having your Facebook account (or email) get hacked? Here’s what to do with Facebook. The same pattern applies to Gmail and other email accounts:
Top right under your photo, tap Settings and Privacy
Next, tap: Security
On left, tap: Security and Login
Half-way down the page, tap Edit at two-factor authentication
Option 1: have it send you a text message with a number you have to use as well as your password
Option 2: much better is to use an authentication app like Authy or Microsoft’s Authenticator — the app will tell you what to do

If you do this, you will be asked to consult an app (usually on your phone) whenever you log into Facebook. The app will show you a number that lasts for only 30 seconds that must be typed in for you to successfully login.

This works, of course, only if you don’t log into your Facebook account on public computers and fail to log out as you leave.

If you have Gmail, the steps are similar but you are first offered ONLY the chance to receive an email or a notice on another device. Only once you’ve accepted one of those two options will they offer you the chance to add an authenticator app. When they do, accept that chance and take the steps to add the app.

If you haven’t used an authenticator app before, allow some time to set it up. Take these steps NOW instead of having to deal with being hacked. This article is for Twitter but the steps are the same. This process should also be put into place with rarely used emails so you aren’t surprised when you visit them next. []

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