Which version of the January 6 Committee Report should you buy?

I went thru all of the currently published versions of the January 6 Committee Report. I certainly respect Adam Schiff, Jamie Raskin and Ari Melber (from MSNBC), but they already had their chance to speak up so I don’t need their epilogues. Darren Beattie is affiliated with another version. He was not on the Committee and is a former White House speechwriter fired for his white nationalist views who promotes various conspiracy theories from the secure federal job where Trump installed him. One of these versions may speak to you. There is also a version that includes no forwards or commentary.

However, I recommend the version from the New York Times. I’d rather have the New York Times’ maps, chronology and list of top characters and whatever else the NYT may include rather than additional analysis from men who I’ve listened to already, at length (except for Darren Beattie who I’ve never heard from directly). The NYT’s version is the only one identified as by a small business as defined by Amazon. 

To buy the Kindle version:

To buy the paperback version:


For slightly different reasons, I recommend the New York Times audiobook version. It’s the only one read by experienced narrators. The others for whom narrators are identified list Raskin, Melber et al. If I’m going to listen to up to 22 hours, I’d rather have a narrator who’s learned how not to inject their own views into the way words are expressed.

To buy the Audible audio version:


Of course, there were seven hearings before this report was produced. You can watch them on YouTube, listen to what was said at the seven hearings, or read a transcription. I will leave it to you to search for the YouTube videos which are easy to find. Here are the other two:

The Audible audio of all hearings: https://www.amazon.com/January-6th-Tapes-Unabridged-Investigate/dp/B0BL1F9JLB/ref=sr_1_1

A complete transcript of all hearings: https://www.amazon.com/January-6th-Report-Transcripts-Committee-ebook/dp/B0B7JYLWPN/ref=sr_1_2?

This is essential history.

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