Collected articles about World Cup 2022 for the neophyte or the fan

As regular readers will know, my searches can find simply too much information on particularly timely topics. It would be easy to drown everybody in what’s available about this once-every-four-years phenomenon. Instead, I’m listing below articles that I haven’t posted that may suit your soccer/football level of interest. I will drop additional items into this list as needed between now and December 18th.


The bandwagon fan’s guide to the 2022 World Cup
For all the people out there who mainly ignore soccer except for that glorious month in the summer—er, winter—every four years, here is the refresher you need. OR


What should LGBTQ soccer fans expect at the Qatar World Cup? A guide.


How the 2022 World Cup Works


2022 FIFA World Cup predictions, picking every game: Germany and England make deep runs, Argentina prevail


Qatar 2022: The World Cup That Changed Everything


All the shirts that will be worn by all of the teams


A closer look at the eight Qatar World Cup stadiums


The first of Guardian’s articles on each of the individual teams completing in Qatar’s World Cup 2022

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