Best boob tapes for all-day hold/lift for fancy dress during the holidays

The 9 best boob tapes for all-day hold and lift, according to fashion experts

By Sophie Shaw, CNN Underscored

Published 8:58 AM EST, Fri November 11, 2022



For the times when a bra won’t work with your outfit but you don’t want to forgo the lift and support, boob tape can save the day. Consisting of a fabric strip with adhesive backing, boob tape is a customizable alternative to a sticky bra as you can cut and shape it to your natural curves. It’s a helpful bra substitute for when your clothes feature a strapless, backless or low-cut silhouette, giving you invisible support under virtually any garment.

“Most people think that boob tape can only be used in the way of pulling upwards to create a lifted/supported breast,” Hollywood stylist Tracy Shapoff says. “In fact, you can do nearly any neckline with tape. [It] can work with anything from high necklines to plunging (think a buttoned blazer with nothing underneath), bandeau and strapless.”

Another benefit of boob tape is that it’s completely size-inclusive. “Larger chests are the perfect candidate for boob tape,” Shapoff says.

And because most boob tape is labeled as waterproof, it should last all day and even hold up through sweating or swimming.

If you’re trying to decide between a sticky bra and boob tape, professional stylist Ariel Tunnell has some advice: “An easy way to remember it is: If your back is showing, go for a sticky bra. If your chest is on display, reach for boob tape.” In general, sticky bras will help give shape and a push-up effect when you need to go backless, whereas boob tape will give lift and support with plunging necklines.

“[Boob tape is] amazing if you are looking for lift or help with cleavage, but it will do very little if you are looking for something to add shape, structure or roundness,” editorial stylist Daniel Gaines explains.

Whether you’re going for a daring holiday look or you just want a discreet bra alternative, boob tape will stick through it all (literally). Ahead, we speak to the fashion experts about the best boob tapes to try and how to apply it like a pro.

How to use boob tape

How you wear boob tape will depend on the silhouette you’re working with, but there are some general tips to follow.

“Have a pair of scissors handy when using boob tape as you will need to cut the strips or shapes as you are taping,” Shapoff says. You can look in a mirror to measure and cut the tape as necessary. If you’re going for a lifted look, you’ll want to place strips of tape vertically over your breasts, taping upward toward your shoulders. However, Shapoff notes, “When doing styles such as strapless, you would tape horizontally as opposed to vertically on each side.” Oftentimes, the boob tape will come with instructions and diagrams to guide you for the perfect fit.

When you’re ready to stick the adhesive side on, make sure you’re applying to clean, dry skin, without any lotions or oils. This will help the adhesive stick as long as possible. “A little rubbing alcohol will also prime the skin nicely if you need to remove any skin products,” says Tunnell.

She also recommends using nipple covers “as protection underneath the boob tape to prevent any unnecessary irritation on your most sensitive areas.” And when it’s time to take it off, “make sure to use warm water and some type of body oil,” Shapoff advises. “Never just rip it right off of the skin as it can irritate and even scar depending on how strong the adhesive is.”

Sweatproof boob tape

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Body Contour Tape

$13 at Amazon



This affordable tape is one of Shapoff’s top recommendations for a bra alternative. It comes in four shades and comes with a pair of no-show concealers for extra coverage.

B-Six Nippies Tape

$23 at NordstromShopbop and Revolve



Available in a range of skin tones, as well as black and white, Shapoff loves the staying power of this waterproof boob tape. It’s top rated among reviewers too, with one saying it works “like magic.”


$38 at Nordstrom and Brassybra



No cutting is required for this water-resistant boob tape that Tunnell and Shapoff recommend. “Brassybra is made with this incredible medical-grade adhesive that really adapts to your body to become a second skin,” Tunnell says. “It is waterproof and sweatproof yet still breathes like a cotton. It’s guaranteed to stay on!”

KT Tape Pro Extreme Tone Series

$22 From $14 at Amazon



An insider tip that’ll save you money in the long run: Try sports tape instead. “I don’t generally buy fashion marketed ‘boob tapes’ anymore because you can get sports KT tape for a fraction of the price and it’s essentially the same exact product,” Gaines shares. “It’s very strong and made for sports, so sweat isn’t an issue!”

Good Lines Party Pack Boob Tape Kit

$74 $60 at Good Lines


Good Lines

For a customizable set of bra alternative adhesives, Shapoff says to go with this Party Pack. “Good Lines has an entire Party Pack, including precut shapes, tape roll, nipple covers and you can choose your adhesive level,” the stylist shares. “These are also hypoallergenic and waterproof.”

Nue Breast Tape

$25 at Revolve and Free People



“Nue is waterproof, sweatproof and comes with a 16.5-foot roll, so it’s great for covering larger areas without running out of tape quickly,” Shapoff shares. Reviewers vouch for its adhesive power, with one saying, “I cannot recommend this product enough. I was at a wedding for eight hours in 90-degree heat. I’m also a 36D. Everything held with no problem. If you are wondering if this is for you … IT IS. Get it.”

Booby Tape

$11 at Revolve or $17 $13 at Amazon



“Booby Tape is my favorite of the boob tapes,” Tunnell says of the celeb-approved brand. “It’s really supportive, comes in a nice range of colors and defies all gravity. You can truly create any shape of bra for any bust size, giving so much freedom and comfort to our large-chested girls out there.”

Nood Game Changer Lift and Shape Bra

$49 at Shopbop and Nood



With five options that are inclusive of 32A to 30K cup sizes, Shapoff says Nood’s precut breast tape has the “most inclusive, widest range of sizing.” One verified buyer says, “I wear a 38HH and had my doubts. I’m tired of strapless bras that support nothing and dig into my sides. … [This] product actually held up all day and gave me the confidence needed to move forward! Thanks … I am hooked!”

Highoh 4-Inch Wide Boob Tape

$60 $40 at Highoh or $43 at Amazon



Shapoff says the wider band is “a great option for larger chests as it will help cover a larger area without using multiple strips.”

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