Apple promoting all (RED) version of Metropolitan Apple Watch face

Apple promoting all (RED) version of the Metropolitan Apple Watch face ahead of World AIDS Day

Filipe Espósito

– Nov. 7th 2022 12:06 pm PT


Apple promoting all (RED) version of the Metropolitan Apple Watch face ahead of World AIDS Day

Apple has a strong partnership with (RED), the organization that raises awareness and funds to fight AIDS. Ahead of World AIDS Day, which takes place on December 1, the company is already promoting the (RED) campaign with a new version of the Apple Watch “Metropolitan” face.

Apple Watch “Metropolitan” (RED) face

Last year, Apple celebrated 15 years of partnership with (RED) by launching six customized Apple Watch faces with the color red. Now the company is once again promoting the (RED) campaign with another Apple Watch face, this time with an all-red version of the “Metropolitan” face – which was introduced with the watchOS 9 update.

While the company has yet to add the new watch face to its website, there’s already an App Clip available that lets you download it to your Apple Watch using the iPhone’s camera. It’s worth noting that the Metropolitan watch face is already part of the watchOS 9 update and Apple is simply letting users add a pre-custom red version of it.

In addition to the watch faces, Apple also shares a portion of profits from (RED) product sales with the Global Fund to support AIDS programs. During the pandemic, the Global Fund also helped to alleviate the impact of COVID-19. The company also sells PRODUCT(RED) iPhones and accessories as part of the campaign.

Since 2006, Apple customers have helped raise nearly $270 million to fund prevention, testing, and counseling services for people impacted by HIV/AIDS. Apple-supported grants have enabled care and support services for over 11 million people, provided over 192 million HIV tests, and allowed over 13.8 million people access to lifesaving antiretroviral treatments. In 2020 alone, Apple’s support for (RED) helped prevent over 145,000 HIV-positive mothers from passing the virus on to their babies.

If you have an Apple Watch running watchOS 9, just open the Camera app on your iPhone and point it to the code below to add the new Metropolitan (RED) face.

Apple promoting all (RED) version of the Metropolitan Apple Watch face ahead of World AIDS Day.

You can read more about the partnership between Apple and (RED) on the company’s official website.

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