“Find My” has a new sound in iOS 16


Find My has a new sound alert with iOS 16 beta 5, here’s how it sounds

Filipe Espósito

– Aug. 8th 2022 12:09 pm PT


Find My has a new sound alert with iOS 16 beta 5, here's how it sounds

Apple on Monday released iOS 16 beta 5 to developers. As we’re only a month away from the official release of iOS 16 to the public, today’s beta comes with only a few minor changes – although some of them are quite interesting. One of these changes is a new sound alert used by the Find My app for when users ping a lost iPhone or iPad.

Apple’s Find My app lets users see the location of their iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple devices on a map. There, users can lock a lost device or even send a sound alert to it, so that it’s easier to find the device when it’s near you.

For years, the sound alert from Find My was the same, which was basically the sound of a classic radar. With iOS 16 beta 5, Apple introduced a new sound alert for the Find My app, which now has more of a modern ringtone vibe. Users running the latest iOS 16 beta can now hear the new sound alert by pinging an iPhone or iPad through the Find My app or a paired Apple Watch.

If you don’t have the iOS 16 beta installed on your devices, don’t worry. We’ve uploaded the new sound so you can listen to it here.

iOS 16 doesn’t bring any major changes to Apple’s Find My app, except for a new option that lets users uninstall the app if they want to. Of course, without the Find My app, users won’t be able to see the location of their Apple devices, AirTags, or other compatible accessories.

In addition, iOS 16 beta 5 released today for developers also introduces battery percentage in the system status bar for modern iPhones. Since the iPhone X, Apple has removed the battery percentage from iPhones as the indicator didn’t fit in the notch area. Now, the company has finally given users the option to show the percentage within the battery icon.

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