Small tip on maintenance of your hearing aids

Found out today (expensively) that if you’re someone who sweats enough to get water in your ears where your hearing aids are sitting, the water can affect the small wire going from the outside of your ear to the inside. Replacing that wire — in my case — was $150 per ear plus the $100 cost of an office visit. And I’ve only had these hearing aids for slightly over a year.

There is a partial solution. There are kits or containers with desiccant (moisture absorbing crystals) in them and that’s where you should store you hearing aids overnight. That will help, but not totally wipe out, the problem. They might be a called a dry aid kit, hearing aid dehumidifier jar, or something else. Some setups include fans which seem like overkill as you’re generally going to keep your hearing aids in all day so it’ll be too late to get rid of large amounts of fluid. I happen to have something for putting in with crackers to keep them crispy that refreshes periodically in a low heat oven. That would also work in a small closed container.

The point is simply to remove moisture when possible given that you wear the darn things all day. Good luck to you.

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