How far does $40 of gas go in other countries?

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Think U.S. gas prices are high? Here’s how far $40 goes around the world.

Think U.S. gas prices are high? Here’s how far $40 goes around the world

By Alexa Juliana ArdRuby Mellen, Steven Rich and Júlia Ledur

June 30 at 8:00 a.m.855

It’s summer. You’re taking that long-awaited road trip, perhaps for the first time since the pandemic. Your first stop, a gas station. Cue the sticker shock.

In the United States and many other countries, prices have soared aspandemic restrictions eased and fuel demands increased.Labor shortages, shuttered refineries and the war in Ukraine have limited supplies, pushing prices even higher.

Even as prices have ticked down ahead of the Fourth of July weekend, Americans are still paying between $4 to $7 per gallon. Filling half a tank of a Toyota Camry — one of the world’s most popular sedans — costs about $40. If you’re driving a 2010 Camry — a model year we’re using based on the average age of cars on U.S. roads — you’ll go about 32 miles per gallon.

And that means $40 will get you around 250 miles down the highway.

[Analysis | The truth about gas prices and oil production]

But how far would $40 take you in the rest of the world? While U.S. costs at the pump hit records in June, they were lower than those in other countries with the largest economies, including France, Canada, China and Britain, but higher than those in other top oil producing nations such as Russia and Saudi Arabia.

How far $40 of gas will get you in the countries with the largest economies




South Korea






United Kingdom

[click thru to see the chart without having to scroll down for which country is which]

Distances shown are for a 2010 Toyota Camry, which goes 32 miles per gallon.

How much gas your money buys depends on many variables, including taxes, government aid, refining costs, distribution and marketing.

“Oil is a globally traded commodity, and there are not easy substitutes for it,” said Jeff Barron, a petroleum industry economist at the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been “very disruptive” to the global market, he added.

Reporters for The Washington Post spoke to people around the world to see how high fuel costs are affecting their lives and what governments are doing — if anything — to cushion the impact.

[click thru to for detailed examples for several countries of how/why their gas prices are so much higher than the U.S., including videos]

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