Trick to slow down a speeding mind

Article by Emerald Pellot

This “Jedi mind trick” to slow racing thoughts has TikTokers convinced it really works. 

Sometimes what we need is a break from our own minds. The last thing we want to think about can become the only thing we can think about — or we just want to relax. But it’s not always easy to get our brains to do what we want, especially when we’re stressed. The user @thementallevel shared a useful technique to slow your thoughts instantly.

“Here’s a Jedi mind trick to slow down and eventually stop your mind completely any time you want,” he explained

The method was simple. Ask yourself: “What is my next thought going to be?” Then observe your thought and let is pass. Repeat the process over and over again until your mind is clear. 

“Notice how the mind is slowing down, maybe even stopped thinking entirely,” he said. “Notice how your brain is in a rhythm of letting go of the thoughts that arise that it’s now aware of. Notice the clarity and relaxation you can release into now and just go about your day being present.”

The helpful trick racked up 1 million views on TikTok. People sang its praises in the comment section. 

“You just set my brain in Airplane mode,” someone commented

“This just put my brain on mute almost immediately. Thank you,” another said

“I have ADHD. I. Cannot. BELIEVE. How quickly this worked. I’m stunned,” a person wrote

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