Only in NYC

40 Things That Are Considered Totally Normal In New York City…But Not Anywhere Else


You already know NYC is like no other city or place: a world all its own.

And because of that, there are some things we’ve become accustomed to that anyone else would feel like they were on another planet for witnessing — or at the least would seriously not get.

Here are your responses for things that are considered totally normal in NYC, but would not be acceptable anywhere else! The good, the bad, and everything in between:

1. Leaving a few home furnishings on the curb and it disappears in five minutes.

2. Never leaving your neighborhood because everything is literally there.

3. Opening the fire hydrants during summer.

4. Ignoring everything and everyone in your path during rush hour.

5. Not knowing your next door neighbors.

6. Ignoring others and avoiding eye contact.

7. Eating lunch on a park bench.

8. Musicians and performers everywhere.

9. Walking “not that far” (10+ blocks).

10. Not going out if you have a parking spot that is good for tomorrow!

11. “Showtime” on the morning train commute.

12. Stopping at a red light and being honked the very second the light turns green.

13. Chopped cheese.

14. Not having a driver’s license.

15. Not having a car.

16. Walking 15,000 steps a day.

17. Crossing in the middle of the street.

18. Pizza being good.

19. Paying $1400+ a month for a shoebox that resembles an apartment.

20. Asking “what do you do?” before “how are you?” and inquiring how much you pay in rent.

21. Wearing all black all the time regardless of what you’re into.


22. People talking to themselves and everybody just walks by like its nothing.

23. Bodega cats.

24. Walking 10 blocks is faster than driving.

25. Complaining about living in a city that you love so much.

26. Asking strangers how much they pay in rent.

27. Bacon egg cheese, salt pepper ketchup.

28. A naked cowboy…

29. Having a wall divide your already small living room to make an extra bedroom—and paying rent for the wall!

30. Walking everywhere and public transportation that will take you anywhere, no car needed!


31. Choosing to walk ’cause “it’s not that far.”

32. City sidewalks being pedestrian race tracks.

33. The size of rats are comparable to that of a small puppy.

34. Going out to grab a bite to eat after midnight.

35. Walking and eating.

36. Sleeping through sirens and car alarms.

37. Being uncomfortably close to people on public transportation, eating Baconeggandcheese every other day, buying items in a corner store (bodega) with cats walking around.


38. Grocery shopping three times a week and doing laundry once every three weeks.

39. Drinking and dancing at home with your next door neighbor’s music.

40. Hearing multiple languages while standing on the subway platform.

41. Looking both ways before crossing a one way street.

42. 24/7 subway.

43. Crying in public.

44. Going from neighborhood to neighborhood and it’s like stepping into another country.

45. Always being able to dress up no matter what you do. You could be a street sweeper and not be judged for wearing a tutu skirt and a leather jacket. Just pretty much the norm in NYC.

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