Be aware of white dot feature in latest version of iOS Weather

iPhone weather app has a hidden function that you might be missing out on

By Carsen Holaday, The SunJanuary 9, 2022 3:49pm  Updated

The Apple weather app has a helpful feature that many people might be missing.
The Apple weather app has a helpful feature that many people might be missing.Shutterstock

Checking the weather app can be more unpredictable than the weather itself, but some new features will help — if you can find them.

Apple’s Weather app added some helpful new features when iOS 15 released last year, but there’s one you might have missed: the tiny white dot.

If you open the weather app on your iPhone or iPad and look down at the 10-day forecast, you’ll see a white dot on the colored bars next to the predicted temperature for the current day.

The dot was designed to tell you where the current temperature falls on the temperature scale for the day.

For example, if the high is predicted to be 63 degrees and the white dot is at the end of the scale, that means you are currently in the warmest part of the day.

The same dot is used on the UV scale and the Sunset times

The white dot in the UV index represents the index at the current moment. You can use it to plan outdoor activities and to know how much sunscreen you should use.

On the Sunset times, the dot will indicate the sun’s position in relation to the horizon. It also gives you an estimated time for the sunset.

The iOS 15 update made a few more changes to the Weather app as well.

Apple acquired the Dark Sky app in 2020 and merged some of the features, including hyper local and minute-by-minute forecasts. Dark Sky’s iOS app and website will be shut down at the end of this year.

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