What you didn’t know about NYC’s new Mayor Eric Adams


New NYC Mayor Eric Adams Has Long History Of Making Odd Choices

Eric Adams leaves New Yorkers asking questions. Among them, what’s wrong with olive oil? And, what kind of booze does he drown rats with?

Kathleen Culliton,Patch Contributing WriterVerified Patch Staff Badge

Posted Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 3:08 pm ETReplies (7)

And where did he get that t-shirt?
And where did he get that t-shirt? (Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams/YouTube)

NEW YORK CITY — We don’t know what changes 2022 will bring, but it’s safe to assume with Eric Adams at New York’s City helm, it’s going to be interesting. Here are just a few moments when New York City’s incoming mayor broke the rules, changed the game, and left us all wondering, what kind of booze will he drown the rats with?

Boozy Rat Death Traps Infuriate Animal Rights Activists

“He holds up this bucket full of a dozen dead rats and says, ‘Here I solved the problem?'” Allie Feldman Taylor said. “We need to let our supporters know that.”

Brooklyn Borough Prez Takes Air Out Of Skateboarding Session

Skaters gonna skate, but not on Adams’ watch.https://www.youtube.com/embed/IHAUICSggr0

Borough President Leads Meditation Class For Anxious New Yorkers

He led the meditation class wearing a t-shirt that declared in block letters, “MIND.”

Journalists Stage Stake Out At Adams’ Bed-Stuy Apartment: Report

Let’s go!

When Adams returned from the mayoral debate and spotted reporters outside his home, he shouted, “Oh, s—! I caught you! I caught you!” at their car.

Brooklyn BP Likens Twitter Critic To KKK Member

“It’s a sad day in Brooklyn when our own borough president @BPEricAdams is too scared to say that it’s wrong for the police to park in a TURNING LANE,” tweeted @CorruptBrooklyn.

“My life work speaks of my courage,” replied Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. “Your hidden face is in the tradition of others who hid themselves with white hoods.”

Adams Gives Tour Of Bed-Stuy Home To Prove He Lives There: Report

Adams told reporters a “small, modest kitchen” and a “small modest bathroom” were both in the Brooklyn home where he definitely lives.

Paperboy Prince To Eric Adams: Please Get Out Of My Room

What began as Adam’s PSA warning parents that children could hide drugs in unsuspected places has since become a work of art.https://www.youtube.com/embed/o2ZTftReUcI

Brooklyn Borough President Releases Plant-Based Health Book

Adams’ cookbook includes recipes from Paul McCartney, Queen Afua, Jenné Claiborne, Bryant Jennings, Charity Morgan and Moby. It also includes a disgruntled warning that your olive oil may be lying to you.

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