How to adjust the brightness of your iDevice flashlight

How to adjust flashlight brightness on your iPhone

It’s very, very easy if you know how to get to your control center. (And we’ve got you even if you don’t.)By Tim Marcin on October 3, 2021How to adjust flashlight brightness on your iPhoneAdjusting flashlight brightness is super easy to do on your iPhone. Credit: Screenshots: Iphone

A great thing about the iPhone flashlight is that it is bright. Like, help you find a dropped key in the dead of the night in an open field kind of bright.

A bad thing about the iPhone flashlight is that is can be Bright. Like you’re just trying to make your way out of the dark bedroom early in the morning while not waking your partner and suddenly you’ve accidentally blasted a searchlight in their eyes kind of bright.

If you’ve ever had that kind of issue, don’t worry, we’ve got the fix. You can adjust the level of brightness of your iPhone flashlight and it’s really not difficult at all.

Here’s how to do it in three quick steps.

1. Swipe down on your screen

This gesture calls up the control center tool on your iPhone, which houses all the things you need to use frequently, including the flashlight.

Locate the flashlight on your control center screen, here’s what mine looks like.Here's the flashlight on my control center screen.Here’s the flashlight on my control center screen. Credit: Screenshot: Iphone

2. Press and hold the flashlight button

This is pretty simple: Press the flashlight and hold your finger down on the button for a few seconds. Eventually it’ll pull up a slider for you to adjust the brightness.

3. Adjust the slider up or down to change the brightness

When you hold down the flashlight button a slider should pop up, which will then allow you to choose the brightness of your flashlight.

You can set it to full blast, like below.A flashlight set to high.A flashlight set to high. Credit: Screenshot: Iphone

And here is the flashlight set to low, but you can also select a couple different levels in between the two extremes.Flashlight set to low.Flashlight set to low. Credit: Screenshot: Iphone

So there you have it: the super simple way to adjust the flashlight brightness on your iPhone.

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