Yet another health feature of the Apple Watch — replacing oximeters

This headline will mean nothing to you unless you’re one of the many people who have lung disease either from unsafe working conditions, living near fossil fuel facilities that produce unhealthy particles that invade the lungs of those who live nearby and far away, or are suddenly facing respiratory problems from the prolonged severe wildfire smoke in the western U.S.

For you, the oximeter is a piece of equipment that’s become familiar as you check periodically to make sure your blood and lungs are sending enough oxygen to other parts of your body.

Tim Cook is looking more and more like a prophet with his statements made when the Apple Watch first came out that he thought it would become a critical item of daily wear that would be essential to supporting user health.

“One day, this is my prediction, we will look back and we will wonder: How can I ever have gone without the Watch?” Cook told a crowd at Startup Fest Europe in Amsterdam, CNBC reports. “Because the holy grail of the watch is being able to monitor more and more of what’s going on in the body.”

I know that I would not be without its fall protection and more.

The two articles’ conclusions are forecast in their titles but should be read by anyone — and there are more people daily — for whom breathing is an issue

Study: Apple Watch Series 6 oximeter is ‘reliable’ for patients with lung disease

Apple Watch Series 6 oxygen sensor just as good as hospital equipment

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