Kindle Unlimited maximum doubles

Kindle Unlimited eBook download limit doubled to 20 eBooks and magazines

September 3, 2021 By Sovan Mandal

Amazon, it seems has doubled the maximum quota of eBooks that applies to Kindle Unlimited. So, from the current 10 books that subscribers of the Kindle Unlimited service are able to download at the moment, it is now 20 eBooks that can be downloaded henceforth. Strangely, Amazon is yet to go to town boasting the move. Rather, the above has been spotted by a Reddit user who said that Amazon is sending individual notifications to subscribers informing them of the change.

This should also come as a welcome change for prolific readers who gorge on books and magazines. They can now have more reading material to satiate their desires. The change should also come as a relief for the student community as well as those into active research who often have to deal with multiple titles at the same time.

In any case, loading up your device with your favorite titles will also save you from getting online more often. So, for those on a vacation, even if they land up in a remote region with little to no internet connectivity, they will still have enough reading stuff to keep them engaged.

For many, the 10-eBook limit might have just been fine for them though the power users will no doubt relish having that doubled to 20 eBooks across devices.

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