Join a group? Here’s how to reach everyone with one Gmail address

I’ve recently joined a group that I will be emailing regularly. It would be convenient to have a group label that I could use when composing an email to add all of the members at one time.

The web recommends creating a new group for your Gmail account by placing a checkmark next to the name of every member. If it’s a brand-new group, perhaps that’s the only approach.

But if you’re joining an established or developing group, or if you have many contacts, this method is time consuming and annoying. I knew there had to be a better way. It may appear to have more steps but it’s much quicker than checking individual names if there are either many group members or you simply have many contacts.

If you join a group, this is the best way to set up a single email address that will send your emails to everyone in the group:

(1) Open two tabs open on your browser, one for Gmail and one for Google Contacts (usually accessed from the list of other Google services on the top right of your Gmail webpage).

(2) In Gmail, open the most recent email to you from the new group, tap on the down arrow to the right of the list of recipients to open up a full list, highlight them all, and copy the list (control+C on a PC, command+C on a Mac).

(3) Go to the Google Contacts tab and tap Import Contacts at the bottom of the left hand column (below whatever labels you already may have), then on Create Multiple Contacts.

(4) Add the copied email names and addresses to the pop-up and, in the upper right corner of the pop-up, tap on No Label.

(5) Type in the name of a new label for the group if it doesn’t already exist or tap the name of a pre-existing label.

(6) Since it’s likely that some of the group members will be duplicates of people already in your contact, the final clean-up step is, while still on the Google Contacts tab, go to the top of the left hand list. Third item down should be Merge Contacts. Perform the merge.

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