Spices you shouldn’t have in your cabinet


You Should Never Keep This One Spice in Your Cabinet, Experts Warn



woman cooking at home and looking for some spices in the kitchen cabinet

While we’ve all been guilty of taking a little too much time to clean out our kitchen drawers and cupboards, there is nowhere more neglected than our spice cabinets. Spices tend to keep longer than other foods, so we’re less concerned about doing a weekly—or even yearly—cleanse. You may want to tackle that messy spice cabinet sooner rather than later, though, especially if you’re keeping one spice in your cabinet that experts say should never be stored there. Read on to find out which spice needs to be relocated.

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You should never keep red spices in your cabinet.

red spices in a cabinet

If you look in your cabinet right now and see red-colored spices, you’ll want to take them out. Grace Woinicz, chef and CEO of The Brilliant Kitchen, says the “heat and humidity in cabinets causes damage” to red spices, which will make them lose their flavor. “When kept in cabinets, their chemical properties are lost, and they may go bad quickly,” she explains. Red spices include popular staples like red pepper, paprika, and chili powder.

Red spices should be stored in the refrigerator instead.

Full length of woman looking into refrigerator. Young female is searching food in fridge. She is standing in kitchen while preparing for meal at home.

Lisa Richards, CNC, a nutritionist and creator of The Candida Diet, says spices like red pepper, paprika, and chili powder are the most common spices to be stored incorrectly. “It is uncommon knowledge, but important to know, that red spices should be kept in the refrigerator,” she says.https://606426d65bd808ddfef0d7f3428b632e.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

But you don’t necessarily have to throw out red spices if you’ve been keeping them in a cabinet, says Geri Williams, DC, the supervising doctor at Ideal You Health Center. “Spices don’t go bad in the same way that milk or meat goes bad,” she says. “These spices will still be edible and won’t be harmful in any way, but they may not provide as much flavor to your dishes as you’d like them to.

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