Why you should trade-in your old Apple products


Why You Should Trade in Your Old Apple Products 

  • Special ContentMay 10, 2021, 8:31 am149 ptsTechnology changes quickly, especially when you’re a consumer of Apple’s products. With Apple, it seems like everytime you turn around, they’ve released a brand new product. Due to Apple constantly having new products that they’re releasing, Apple trade-in programs have become extremely popular.If you’re on the fence about trading in your old Apple product to get a new one, then check out some of the main reasons you should trade in your Apple product below.
    You’ll Receive Cash For Your Trade InTrading in your old Apple devices gives your device new life and has a positive impact on the environment!When you go to trade-in your Apple product, you’ll have to submit a form that tells the company you’re selling your device about it’s condition. You’ll need to ship them your product, and if the evaluation form you submitted matches up with their evaluation, they’ll mail you a check. You can then use that money on anything – including buying a new Apple product. Be sure to double check that all of your information on your form is accurate. If you say that the condition of your phone or computer is better than it actually is, then the company won’t be required to honor the offer price that they’d sent you previously and they may make you a much lower offer.The trade in process tends to be extremely simple with any reputable company. You’ll always know what the offer is for your device before you ship it, so that can also help you decide which company is best for you to sell your Apple device too. Many trade-in companies will even pay for the shipping label, so sending in your device costs nothing.Pro tip: When you’re looking to do an Apple trade-in, be sure to check out several different companies to see what their offers are for your device. Some companies will offer more money than others for a device with a broken screen or functionality. Even if your device is like new, there can be a large variation in what a trade-in company may offer you. Shopping around will help guarantee that you’re receiving the best possible price for your device.You’ll Lessen Your Environmental ImpactWhen you trade-in your Apple product, you’re giving it a chance to have a second life. This will save it from ending up in a landfill prematurely and will less your carbon footprint since you’re recycling. Apple products require a lot of precious materials, so when you recycle your device, you’re making it so that one less Apple product needs to be produced. 
    If you really want to lessen your environmental impact, you could always buy a used Apple product as well! Many people trade in their phones or computers as soon as the newest version comes out, so you may be able to upgrade the harddrive you’re on, while also saving money through buying a pre-used product.Pro tip: If you’re worried about the environment, look for a trade-in company that looks to offset the carbon footprint they create through their shipping costs. Some trade-in companies donate a portion of their profits to an environmental charity while others will plant trees based on the amount of phones they’ve sold.You Can Trade In Your Apple Device Contact-FreeOne of the main advantages of selling your Apple device through an online trade-in company is that you can do it all online. This is a major advantage since it saves you time and allows you to get rid of your old device without needing to leave your home. This also means that you can remain safe at home and not have to worry about contracting coronavirus as you go out and sell your Apple trade-in device.Pro tip: Always check to make sure that a trade-in company is legitimate before you mail them your Apple device. As the trade-in market has started to boom, some “fake” companies have emerged online where they’re attempting to trick people into selling them their devices. Then the fake company never pays the customer and instead will sell the device themselves.One of the best ways to ensure that the company you’re selling to is real, is simply through calling them. If you get a “real” person on the phone, instead of an answering machine, then you can feel confident that they’re a true company.You could also check out reviews that past customers have left on a third party website. If you see positive reviews about the business, then you can also be confident that you’ll receive the check you deserve for your Apple trade-in.ConclusionIf you have an old Apple device and are ready for a new one, then the best thing you could do with your old device is to turn it into a trade in Apple product. This will give you money to spend on your next Apple phone or computer, will help the environment, and the process is simple since you can do it from the comfort of your home.

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