Three UWS restaurants honored by Michelin as Best Cheap Eats

3 UWS Restaurants Honored as Best Cheap Eats by Michelin

Posted on May 5, 2021 at 10:40 am by West Sider

The storefront at Miss Mamie’s Spoonbread Too. Photo by Paul Lowry.

Michelin has its fancy-shmancy awards and then its awards recognizing places where the hoi polloi eat. The Bib Gourmand awards are for the regular spots, and this year they chose three UWS restaurants.

Amelie, 566 Amsterdam Avenue (87th-88th): “A perfect sphere of goat cheese rolled in crushed pistachios and drizzled with honey starts things off right. Then move on to the delicate, Southern France-inspired ravioli filled with comté and a blend of cheeses in a heady vegetable-based broths,” Michelin said. Check out the menu here.

Atlas Kitchen, 258 West 109th Street: “This contemporary Chinese restaurant is elegant and art-filled with unapologetically fiery Hunan-style cooking. The kitchen team plates authentic and bold dishes with a few American-style standbys to appease the kung pao chicken crowd,” said Michelin. Check out the menu here.

Miss Mamie’s Spoonbread Too, 366 West 110th Street: “Despite its somewhat sophisticated appearance, the kitchen still embraces such tried-and-true classics as baked turkey wings, homemade meatloaf, Louisiana catfish, and a creamy red velvet cake for dessert,” said Michelin. Check out the menu here.

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