Many Oscars’ women’s fashion unique and unlikely to reappear

And because I’ve been asked “why?” when saying this, take a look at the women’s dresses. Many of them are entirely too full at either the hem or the shoulders to fit in ordinary auditorium seats. I suggest you take a look at the article for all of the fashions that were seen during the pre-show, but I’ve posted some of the more spectacular selections.

Posted 3 hours ago

Here’s What Everyone Wore To The Oscars Red Carpet

From Regina King’s butterfly dress to Questlove wearing golden Crocs, here’s what everyone was rockin’ this Natasha Jokic BuzzFeed Staff

[again, I’m only posting the more impressively large gowns (and their wearers)]


Amanda Seyfried:

Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson:

Laura Dern:

Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford:

Angela Bassett:

Regina King and Aldis Hodge:

Maria Bakalova:

Andra Day:


Halle Berry:

Vanessa Kirby:

Laura Pausini:

Celeste Waite:

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