Amazon finally adding a much-desired feature to Kindles

The article is not exactly crystal clear. First your Kindle must meet two conditions: not have the ad-supported screensaver and have the necessary firmware. Then, Amazon will send the ability to display your book covers as screen savers. That choice will show up under Settings, Device Options on your Kindle, but the rollout may take several weeks.

Amazon quietly rolled out a Kindle feature users have been requesting for years

By Sharmishta Sarkar 3 days ago

Kindle ereaders can finally display cover art on the lock screen

Amazon Kindle Oasis

(Image credit: Future)

Amazon’s Kindle ereaders have never had the option to display cover art on the device’s lock screen as a wallpaper… unless owners were able to jailbreak the Kindle. Instead, there was a little library of wallpapers that the device would cycle through automatically.

However, Amazon quietly began rolling out a firmware update to add the option to do just that a few days ago, and has now confirmed that the Display Cover feature will be available to most Kindle users worldwide in the coming weeks.

Finally! It’s a feature Kindle fans have been asking for since the devices first launched almost a decade ago, so it’s a long time coming.

All three of Amazon’s Kindle ereader models will receive this feature in the coming days – whether it’s the basic Amazon Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite or the Kindle Oasis – as long as it’s running the 5.13.5 firmware. Note that not all generations of the Kindles are currently supported by Amazon and won’t be able to update.

The lucky ones receiving the Display Cover option are the 8th and 10th generation Kindles, 7th and 10th-gen Paperwhites, and 8th, 9th and 10th-gen Oasis devices. Amazon is continuing to support the 7th-generation Kindle Voyage, which will also receive the firmware update.

Once updated to the latest operating software (OS), the Kindle will display the cover art of the book you are currently reading, with a toggle button to select the feature being made available in the device’s settings pane.

According to a report from online publication Good Ereader, this feature will also display cover art of ebooks that were sideloaded, not just those purchased from the Kindle Store.

The Special Offers edition of Kindle ereaders that is available in some markets – the devices that serve ads to allow customers to buy the ereaders for less – will unfortunately not receive the Display Cover feature.

[NOTE from me: You can get rid of the Special Offers by going to that Kindle on the Device tab of your Content and Devices on your Amazon website. A one-time payment of $20 will wipe it out forever.

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