The sort of errors English majors HATE

19 Grammar and Spelling Memes Only True Bookworms Will Appreciate

By Lorraine Delp•Updated: March 5, 2021•2 min read

After reading a couple hundred books, a bookworm tends to learn a thing or two about grammar, spelling, and the general ins and outs of our beautifully chaotic language. We can now spot a grammatical error a mile away… too bad the rest of the internet can’t say the same. If you constantly find yourself correcting other people’s grammar, these hilarious memes are for you.

1. We’re the kind of people who can pick a mistake out of any lineup.

2. We just wish other people could respect the basic grammatical rules, too.

3. Because the difference is actually pretty significant.

4. And so is correct comma placement (look how upset we’re making the commas).

5. Really, all punctuation placement is important.

6. We also think it’s generally polite to know the meanings of the words we use.

7. Sometimes it makes us figuratively insane.

8. It’s good to know the difference between “to” and “two,” too.

9. And we really don’t understand why “their,” “there,” and “they’re” give people so much trouble.

10. Just because some words sound alike does not mean they’re interchangeable.

11. Plus, proper use of prepositions could save your life.

12. We just want sentences to make sense.

13. And we don’t buy the “I just do it to save time” excuse.

14. This is what we think about that.

Via Kevin Israel

15. We’re not saying our language always makes sense.

16. We simply find proper use of grammar and spelling kind of impressive.

17. We’d never date this person, for example.

18. He’d just break our hearts with his terrible grammar.

19. And until people start using proper grammar, we’ll just be losing friends and alienating people.

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