Caribbean island Bonaire proves (again) that healthy mangroves protect the shore

Bonaire is a wonderful island for scuba diving if you can make it thru all the COVID hoops to get there (very difficult at the moment). Last I checked flamingoes still outnumbered the number of residents — 20,000 or so. It’s not a party island but you can see amazing things by simply walking off -shore and starting to snorkel or dive.

With many salt water sites in the Caribbean either overrun by lion fish or with little coral that’s not been bleached, Bonaire is a gem that’s still a haven for those who love the water. And here’s a striaght-out plug for a guide to the many sites for getting into the water. for Bonaire Shore Diving Made Easy, $26.85 including shipping to U.S. addresses. We all need a dream right now.

I’m amused tho by this photo as Bonaire is one of the arid islands like the Caymans — not remotely like Domenica with its jungles. But how many times have you seen fences made of cactus?

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