NYC doing well at getting vaccinated, particularly Manhattan (surprise)

New Stats Show Upper West Side Has High Percentage of Residents Vaccinated (Update)

Posted on February 16, 2021 at 1:31 pm by West Sider

The city has released new statistics on deployment of Covid-19 vaccines that shows how many people have gotten the vaccine at the zip code level. (Update: we initially had the wrong figures for total vaccinations, but have since corrected them.)

Citywide, 715,000 people have received at least one shot. That’s a little more than 10% of the adult population. Of the boroughs, Manhattan has the second-highest rate of adults who have received at least one shot, with 14%. Staten Island has the highest, at 15%.

On the Upper West Side, each of the main zip codes has an above-average percentage of people who have gotten at least one shot:

10023: 20% of the adult population

10024: 22%

10025: 19%

One reason for the high rate may be that the Upper West Side has a disproportionate number of older people. But it may also have to do with the wealth of the neighborhood.

Council members have been pointing out that the vaccine has largely been given to people from wealthier zip codes — and those that often weren’t hit as hard by Covid in the first place. The city and state have been criticized for doing too little outreach, and creating a complicated online system that favors people who are tech-savvy. “In wealthy, whiter areas, 16% of adults have been fully vax’d. In low-income neighbs of color, as low as 2%,” wrote Councilmember Mark Levine. “This is upside down. It can not stand.”

Explore the stats here, or below.

2 thoughts on “NYC doing well at getting vaccinated, particularly Manhattan (surprise)

  1. This surprises me only because I had a lot of difficulty getting the vaccine and needed the help of my daughter in law to get an appointment in Westchester. The Columbia Armory was closed to all but Washington Heights residents a few weeks after opening. I wasn’t able to get anything at the Javits Center. So I think the takeaway here is that the old people in Manhattan are tenacious!

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