Add 2020 iPad Air wallpaper to your device

The copying is best done by opening the URL below rather than from the link inside the article. Will take you to beautiful, downloadable wallpaper in both the light and dark versions for the steel grey, silver, rose gold, sky-blue, and light green colors for the 2020 iPad Air.

Download the new 2020 iPad Air wallpapers for your devices right here

Filipe Espósito @filipeesposito

– Sep. 18th 2020 3:26 pm PT

The new, redesigned 2020 iPad Air comes with a variety of new colorful wallpapers, which Apple calls “Noodles.” Apple made these wallpapers exclusive to the new iPad Air, but you can download them here for your iPhone or any other device.

Apple offers the new wallpapers from the 4th-generation iPad Air in five different colors: green, pink, silver, gray, and blue, and they all have light and dark versions. There are 10 new wallpapers available, and you can download them right now.

These wallpapers were extracted from the iPadOS 14 firmware, so they’re available in full resolution. Be sure to click through and save the full resolution wallpaper, then set it via the Photos app or Settings app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

You can also download the new wallpapers from iOS 14, iPadOS 14, CarPlay, and macOS Big Sur here on 9to5Mac:

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