Top movies for cat and dog lovers

5 Movies To Watch If You’re A Cat Person (& 5 If You’re A Dog Person)

Whether you are a cat lover or a total pupper person, these are the best films that feature our favorite pets – front and center. By Shrubaboti Bose 3 days ago

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In times of loneliness and solitude, people have often found love and silent understanding from their furry companions. Be it the loyal and undivided attention of a dog or the sudden bursts of affection from a cat, these animals have found ways into our hearts time and again. There is a standing debate between cat lovers and dog lovers, but nobody doubts how endearing these creatures are to their respective owners. In fact, they are a part of the family.

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During difficult times, it is easy to succumb to feelings of detachment and alienation. It’s more significant now than ever to delve deeper into our movie archives and bring back the films that help us remember and cherish this special bond shared between humans and animals. Whether you’re biased towards cats or dogs, these films are bound to leave an indelible impression on you.advertising

10 Dog People: Benji (2018)

Probably one of the most adorable dogs ever on-screen, Benji is not any ordinary pet. While the original film was popular in itself, the recent remake has brought everyone’s attention to this name once again. Benji might be a small dog, but he is intelligent and a lifesaver. When the two children who temporarily adopted him are kidnapped, even the police are at a loss. It is up to Benji then to continue in the quest to save the kids.

Although ignored and shunned by their mother, Benji still persists and ultimately leads the police to the kidnappers. Beautifully put together, with a well-paced story and music radiating warmth, this film is an absolute delight to watch with family or children.

9 Cat People: The AristoCats (1970)


Edgar, an evil butler, wants to deprive a family of cats of their rightful possessions after their owner, a wealthy older woman, writes her will bequeathing all her property to them. But O’Malley, a stray cat who falls in love with the elegant Duchess and grows fond of her three little kittens, will not allow it. Together with some retired army dogs, they decide to ruin the greedy butler’s schemes.

A Disney animated classic, the film has evergreen appeal to its viewers irrespective of their ages. One of the main songs, “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat,” has gained a special status among cat lovers.

8 Dog People: The Art Of Racing In The Rain (2019)

Art of Racing in the Rain Dog

Narrated from a dog’s perspective, this is an ideal film for dog lovers. However, it’s not for the weak-hearted. This film touches on issues like the death of a loved one, grief, and coping with loss. Focusing mainly on the kindness, compassion, and unconditional love that dogs are capable of providing, this film captures the essence of dogs as humanity’s best friends.

7 Cat People: Puss In Boots (2011)

Puss in Boots

As an outlaw cat, Puss is a huge favorite mainly because of his quirks. He is a misfit, considered by many as a criminal in his town, and yet audiences cannot help but fall in love with his overall charisma. His witty dialogue, his innate curiosity, and his need for adventure make him an interesting character.

As a spin-off of the original Shrek franchise, it is inspiring to see how Puss upholds the true spirit of heroism by presenting the story from a marginal character’s perspective. Switching the perspective from a typical protagonist’s to an outcast’s is what makes this film so special.

6 Dog People: Marley And Me (2008)

Marley and Me Dog

Everything was beautiful for the newly married couple until they decided to adopt a dog. Lively and outrageous, Marley is a free-spirited dog who turns their lives upside down and teaches them valuable lessons. Those who have spent enough time around dogs know that they can be quite sensitive to other people’s emotions. In fact, they often try to spontaneously console them.

This film shows how dogs can be precious family members, comforting people when needed and in turn pushing them to explore their own limits as human beings. Fair warning, this film can make viewers cry a lot but it’s worth it.

5 Cat People: That Darn Cat (1965)

Two sisters, Patti and Ingrid, have their hands full with their Siamese cat’s antics every day. But when a kidnapped bank teller uses their cat to send a message asking for help, they get concerned and immediately report it to the police. The FBI sends an investigator to solve the case, but the agent is allergic to cats.

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Both hilarious and full of suspense, this is perfect family entertainment. A nostalgic trip for many adults and a fascinating watch for children, this is a treat for cat lovers.

4 Dog People: Eight Below (2006)

Due to a deadly snowstorm, Jerry is forced to leave his beloved sled dogs in the harsh climate of Antarctica. Unable to give up on them, Jerry goes back to save his companions. But in the end, it is their tenacity, and their ability to stick together, risking their lives for one another, that allows them to survive despite all odds.

This is a harrowing story, but it portrays each dog as distinct characters with their own individual emotions. Jerry might be their guide, but the dogs play the lead roles here, reflecting the subtle nuances of an eternal friendship between dogs and humans while also encouraging viewers to never lose hope.

3 Cat People: A Cat In Paris (2010)

A Cat In Paris

Nominated for Academy Awards and often screened at film festivals, this is a mystery and crime animation centered on a cat. Zoé, a Parisian girl calls the feline Dino, while Nico, the burglar calls him Mr. Cat. Having a dual life with both Zoé and Nico, the cat not only brings them together but also helps them solve a crime. Stylishly drawn, and accompanied by beautiful soundtracks, this film is a visual and sensory feast.

Although it captures the dark side of city life, the violence and gore are toned down, making it suitable for younger audiences. A heartwarming plot about a cat that saves the lady in despair, what else could a cat lover dream of?

2 Dog People: Hachi – A Dog’s Tale (2009)

Hachi Dog

Hachi was adapted from the original Japanese film, Hachiko Monogatari, which was based on a true story. A professor finds a lost puppy loitering in a train station one night. At first, he tries to take care of the puppy only temporarily, but when nobody approaches him, he decides to adopt the dog himself. Gradually, the two develop an unbreakable bond.

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Hachi, the dog, waits at the train station every day at the exact same time when the professor is supposed to return from work. In time, he becomes an example of undying love and loyalty. No dog lovers should miss watching this film.

1 Both! Homeward Bound (1993)

Undeterred by mortal perils and marked by unique encounters, this film takes its viewers on an emotional roller-coaster ride. Chance (an American Bull Dog), Shadow (a Golden Retriever), and Sassy (a Himalayan cat) make an epic journey back home after assuming that their owners have abandoned them. What is most striking about their adventures is their reliance on each other and their final understanding of family values.

This touching tale is bound to be enjoyed by all animal lovers, although Sassy steals the show with her catty and self-sufficient personality, living up to her name perfectly.

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