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Ten Instagram Advocacy Accounts You Should Be Following

OutvoteAug 6 · 2 min read

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This election year has proven unlike any other. Campaigns and voters across the country have had to mobilize on social media in lieu of traditional organizing and canvassing, making Instagram activism more common than ever: we’re inundated with Stories every day to vote, call legislators, and more.

Instagram is now a vital tool for getting involved in these last few months before Election Day. Here are ten accounts that you can follow for a daily dose of politics and advocacy:

  1. @soyouwanttotalkabout: incredibly shareable graphics covering current events, covert forms of social injustice, and more.
  2. @amplifierart: inspiring activist art, plus programs for educators and parents.
  3. @iamavoter: a non-partisan movement to shift the culture around voting, complete with election date reminders, and more helpful info.
  4. @thebusyvoter: fast facts and explanations on the critical issues this election cycle (plus shareable graphics!).
  5. @mvmnt4blklives: a wide variety of ways to get involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, including events, viral campaigns, and more.
  6. @wevotez: voting resources targeted at Gen Z, promoting voter registration and open dialogue about civic engagement.
  7. @leadingwomenoftommorrow: closing the gender gap of women in public office by encouraging you (yes you!) to get involved.
  8. @wereleavingearly: coverage of civic engagement and political issues, plus a shop that donates 100% of proceeds to ACLU, Fair Fight Action, and Color of Change.
  9. @rockthevoteaf: shareable, actionable content intended to further young people’s participation in politics.
  10. @usowomen: opportunities to volunteer through couch parties and voting squads to encourage people to fight for social justice at the voting booth.

While these accounts are doing important work to raise public consciousness about politics and social justice, it’s important to remember that activism cannot be confined to Instagram. Ultimately, change comes from tangible action (no matter how small). Follow Outvote on Twitter or Instagram to get involved with the latest actions from partners like Planned Parenthood and Community Change Action. We’ll see you there!Outvote Blog

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