New (helpful) feature for readers who use Amazon

My sister and I are voracious readers, most of them Kindle books bought from Amazon. One thing I do often is search for the remaining books in a series written by a favorite author. Sometimes I also check the author’s page to see if there are other earlier or later series by that author.

What’s shows now on the bottom of the author’s page is a list of authors you might find appealing based on your overall reading interests. They’ve been suggesting other books for awhile, but not authors. That’s helpful.

Example: I once owned all of the then-available paperbacks by Donna Leon about Commissario Brunetti who’s based in Venice. I passed them on but have always thought they’d be worth a re-read. One of my book sale emails offered almost all of the 29 books in the series for $1.99 each. Sweet.

So I had purchased the ones on sale — or so I thought. The best way of checking was to have Amazon list the entire series. There’s a check-mark that allows you to have the page omit any books you’ve already purchased. I’d gotten all that were on sale. Excellent.

I then went to the author’s page to see not only the series at interest but also other series I might not have known about. That’s where I noticed the (what may be old but what is to me) new feature at the bottom of the page. There was a list of authors Amazon thought I might like based on my purchases. Is that them taking advantage of its knowledge about me? Sure. Is it also helpful to me? Yes.

The link for me was I’m guessing that you will get an entirely different set of recommendations than mine as mine — even if you like Donna Leon — as the list differs each time I check. Try replacing “Donna Leon” in that link for one of your favorite authors and see what’s there. For me, about half the authors listed are familiar — but the other half are fresh names.

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