I am not a spammer

I am having an absolutely dreadful time with Gmail treating my occasional emails to a relatively small group as SPAM. I’m highly offended but left with little choice than to try to shrink the size of the list to a size that’s acceptable to Google. I have no recourse. Ironic beyond measure while watching the antitrust hearings from this past week.

My recipients are not being given the option of electing in to my emails. The emails are simply being bounced. Not just annoying but a substantial restriction on my ability to communicate. Grrr.

2 thoughts on “I am not a spammer

  1. Think it has something to do with X number of emails to Y number of people. If I send them more frequently than Z, I get tagged. I find it Exceedingly annoying as the content in my emails are far from spam. But the last time this happened pushed me into blogging. Who knows what the next alternative would be.


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