Men concerned about exclusion

Have been listening to a fantastic webinar from The Nature Conservancy featuring women who have been deeply involved in conservation as landowners and activists. One of the first questions that came in to the speakers: “If women become more active, will they be excluding men from their groups?” (Their wording was a bit more snarky.)

This issue comes up again and again whenever a non-male (often non-white male) minority flexes its muscles and suggests that some matters have not been considered or need more resources. The knee-jerk reaction on the part of the past majority is often to make sure that they’re not excluded from these new activities. The questioner, as here, is eager not to be excluded but never mentions the past exclusions of the minorities from everything from country clubs and the ability to own real estate to membership in professional organizations.

Obviously I, or any other woman, could write at length on this OR all of us could discuss the question at length. In brief, however, I think many minority groups prefer to begin without welcoming the majority to avoid their ideas or leadership from being hijacked. I know of no such woman-centered group however that has prohibited male participation.

My main reaction to the question tho was disappointment that this question was the first one asked. With all the talking points offered by the female speakers, a shame that the questioner chose this as their main concern.

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