Concerned about plastics in the ocean? Webinar 9AM EDT July 24

I’m already registered to attend. The PEW Charitable Trust does good things.

View in web browserThe Pew Charitable Trusts
Friday 24th July 2020
09:00–10:30 EDT / 14:00–15:30 BST / 20:00–21:30 WIB

The Pew Charitable Trusts and SYSTEMIQ invite you to the global virtual launch of the new report “Breaking the Plastic Wave: A Comprehensive Assessment of Pathways Towards Stopping Ocean Plastic Pollution”
Join us on Friday 24th July 2020 for a deep-dive discussion on the key findings, and how industry, government and civil society can work together to substantially reduce projected ocean plastic pollution flows. The findings are based on a first-of-its kind model of the global plastics system, which estimates increases in plastic pollution under a business as usual scenario and examines the economic, environmental and social implications of six different strategies to address the problem.

Our expert speakers will share insights from the report, as well as perspectives from industry, government and civil society.

They include:

Martin Stuchtey – Founder and Managing Partner, SYSTEMIQ
Winnie Lau – Senior Manager, Preventing Ocean Plastics,
The Pew Charitable Trusts
José María Figueres – Former President, Costa Rica
Sanda Ojiambo – CEO & Executive Director,
UN Global Compact
Alan Jope – CEO, Unilever
Melati Wijsen – Founder, Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Moderated by Louise Beale, journalist and presenter for Channel 5 News (UK)

Please register to attend the main event.

Following registration, you will receive the details for the event. This event will be recorded and the recording shared.

In addition to this main event, we will be hosting two further webinars featuring members of the Pew and SYSTEMIQ teams to provide convenient alternative times and opportunities to engage with those behind the report. These one hour events will take place:

Tuesday 28th July – 06:00 BST / 12:00 WIB / 14:00 JST
Thursday 30th July – 09:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 17:00 BST

Please note these subsequent events will not include the full panel outlined above. Register for these events by clicking on the registration button below.

Please feel free to share this invite with your networks.

Please contact Chloe Aust should you experience any difficulties registering for the event.

This briefing is co-organized by The Pew Charitable Trusts. The Pew Charitable Trusts makes every effort to comply with international, national and local government ethics rules, including when hosting events. Please be sure that your participation is consistent with the ethics rules specifically applicable to you.

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